What is Whis Inu?

Whis Inu is a first of its kind community driven token which utilizes marketing funds to ape into successful Anime projects in hopes of using the profits as buybacks and rewards as well as helping other communities pump along with ours.

Rug Free

Whis Inu will keep contributing to achieve designed holder milestones by making marketing efforts, thus making sure Whis Inu is on track. Also,liquidity locked for one month initially. Furthermore, our tokenomics design which incorporates transaction taxes will keep building the price floor.


Launch From Earth

1. Whis Inu Meme Development
2. Community Marketing & Social Media Engagement
3. CoinGecko Listing Engagement

Moon Market Cap 1,000,000

1. CoinMarketCap Listing
2. Community Marketing and Media Blitz
3. Twitch Gamers Outreach

Mars Market Cap 10,000,000

1. Whis Inu Merchandise line
2. Tier 1 CEX
3. Tik Tok influencers
4. NFT Marketplace
5. Website upgrade

10000 Holders

To be unlocked

To be unlocked

25000 Holders

To be unlocked

To be unlocked

50000 Holders

To be unlocked

To be unlocked


Original supply


10% buys/sells

1% Redistribution

5% Marketing/Influencer Wallet

Advanced marketing strategy to have a

forever rise with unlimited funding

What is the contract ID?

How does Whis Inu work?

Whis Inu taxes a total of 21% on transactions which we call a ROUNDTRIP :

A 1% ‘Redistribution fee’ for every purchase made existing holders will receive Whis Inu Tokens..

Is Liquidity Locked?

Yes, liquidity is locked.

What does it mean to have ownership?

Our contract address has been verified on Etherscan.

What is the token distribution?

Whis Inu taxes a total of 15% on every transaction which is subdivided into four parts: A 3% ‘Marketing, 1% Charity Fee’ this will allow us to market/ develop the project and allow us to put smiles on the faces of those who are less fortunate. Proof of charitable donations will be provided in our Social medial channels. A 5% ‘Liquidity pool fee’ to add more liquidity to the pool on uni swap v2. A 4% ‘redistribution fee’ for every purchase made existing holders will receive Toy Doge Tokens.. 2% to our buy back program where we can continue to support and maintain the price floor when needed.